I'm building another remote team

When I launched Grindstone Sales Support in 2003, I had ONE huge

motivation that drove me. I wanted to work from home, and I wanted to work for

myself but not by myself. I wanted to spend more time with my family and have

more time for myself and more work/life balance. The only way to achieve this

was to STOP commuting to a Corporate Job.


Then it HIT me. EVERYBODY needs this freedom too! Everybody

deserves to be Happy as well. So back in 2003 I decided that I would create an

entirely remote company and create opportunities for people to work from home.

This was a very rare concept back then. As you may recall, Grindstone was a virtual call center providing B2B Telemarketing services to its clients. My team and I operated Grindstone with

a remote workforce successfully for 20 straight years. We proudly created

hundreds of work from home opportunities through the years.


Well, I recently I sold that company………..It was finally time

to move on……To New things……


It is still my passion today to find opportunities for

people that truly want more time freedom and to connect with their partners and

families in a quality more meaningful way.


I’m looking to build another team around this same philosophy.

I have been exposed to thousands of opportunities in my life and I have never seen an opportunity exactly like this before!~

-Brian Parnell


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